The New Year Dilemma

It’s the strangest thing ever, but no matter how hard I try the feeling that it’s a new year just doesn’t come to me. I feel like nothing has changed, and I definitely don’t have the urge to make resolutions. I have been writing 2011 on many of my clients’ contracts for the next year, that even that switch was a breeze. There is though one thing that reminds me that 2010 has passed. My wonderful reading list from last year. As much as I want to keep adding new titles to the list, I can’t bring myself to do it. The year is officially over for the list.

I started cataloging my reading last January and although I didn’t reach my goal, having a goal really helped me to get a lot of reading done. If there was one thing from last year that I want to do over again, it’s to keep having my reading list. I first started to add book titles to “The Books I want to Read” section in my Starbucks planner, a friend bought for me. As a heard of exciting book titles I added them to the list and would check them off once finished. The list grew to a number I couldn’t possibly finish in a year, but it’s exciting to have more years ahead to do just that. Read.

Happy Saturday, Internet! Grab a good read and head to a coffee shop for your afternoon.


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