A Personal Retreat

It was late at night. The freeway was practically empty. We listened to a Christmas CD and chatted about the holidays. “I love driving at night.” “It would be so nice to go somewhere.” “Somewhere far!” Dina nodded. For the next few minutes of our drive we brainstormed all the people and places we could possibly visit, explored ideas far and near, and both agreed that a road trip was long overdue.

I starred at my huge to do list yesterday, the blog post that was left unwritten, the emails screaming for attention. While I wanted to jump straight to work, I pondered for a minute about our conversation in the car a few nights back. A retreat was needed. A time to get away and come back refreshed. It was almost 1pm, but there was no train or bus to catch. I walked into my sister’s room and announced that we are leaving somewhere, somewhere far. I looked at my camera sitting on a shelf and threw it in a bag just in case, and walked out of the house.

It felt so good to just drive. We had a destination, but I cared little about it. As long as we got to drive on the 1 and breath some ocean air, I was satisfied. “Do you still want to find a barn for one of your photo shoots?” asked Dina while we were driving. “I’m over it,” I told her. While on a country road somewhere on the outskirts of Petaluma we noticed a white truck with a sale sign on it, but it wasn’t the truck that was picturesque. Right behind it was a large red barn. I thought about what I told to Dina about the barn, and turned around. Yeah, I’m over it, but there is a really nice one, right on the road, and Dina looked nothing short of stunning. We pulled up next to the white truck and I fired away for three minutes. I loved everything about the barn. The light was perfect too. I could totally stage a whole photo shoot there for hours, and maybe one day I will.

With all the stops along the way we saw the ocean later in the day, and reached Fort Ross just when the sun began to slowly sink behind horizon. We watched the sun go down behind the silhouetted towers of the fort and headed back. “It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey . . . and we had a wonderful one today,” we both agreed. “How about something that looks more pretty with the sun down?” After two hours we were strolling on the sidewalks of Sausalito with San Francisco cityscape reflecting in the water in front of us. “Do you remember that time we were trying to find the restaurant in downtown LA late in the night?” Dina asked while warming her hands against a hot cup of coffee. “We really did paint that city red,” she said, and we walked back to the car.


6 thoughts on “A Personal Retreat

  1. Dina is one beautiful model and you are one amazing photographer!
    I wanted to mention how I enjoy reading your posts. I think you are a great writer.
    You should write a book so that I could purchase it and read it πŸ™‚ yes, I think that’s a good plan!

  2. wow just stunning! no words, my both sisters are amazing, one beautiful model and the other one great photographer and writer.
    Praise God!

  3. i always wanted a barn wedding…
    but much more a photoshoot with an orchard and a barn.
    if i never have one yuliya, i know you’ll rock my wildest dreams with someone else.
    these are great πŸ˜€
    Praise God, he really is giving you the ability to thrive in this.

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