500 Days of Summer in Winter

I walked into the store to buy some baking supplies and I could not believe how long the line was. Are you serious world? With all the iPhones, the iPads and you name it, people still do their Christmas shopping at the stores? Online shopping is superb, and it arrives to your front door, I promise. Especially if you have wishzilla. If you are reading this and you still don’t have a wishzilla account, I think it’s about time to reevaluate our friendship.
I left the baking supplies and walked out of the store, and then stood in a long line just to get out of parking lot. That is why I prefer the comfort of my home verses any other place during Christmas time. If you are like me, this post is just for you. Wrap in your warm blanket near the Christmas tree and enjoy some pictures without the wait.

I love details shots, sometimes I spend too long at the wedding shooting details, but I can’t help it. These details are inspired by 500 Days of Summer. Dina made me the “I Love Us” card for my birthday. The chalkboard message I wrote for Dina a week ago to brighten her day. The black and white shoes are my older sisters.


2 thoughts on “500 Days of Summer in Winter

    1. My bad, here you go : the gorgeous flower earring were a present from Olya to Dina, except I’m the one who wears them all the time. The ring I made myself. I have many secret talents you know ;). The chalk board bought at Good Will for 2.99 😉 lol.

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