A Thursday Treat

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I like public speaking. The idea is completely strange to me. I used to be the girl that hides in the corner and just hopes to be unnoticed throughout the remainder of the night. Yet getting up to speak in front of my class today, I was surprised once again that I like speaking in public. I was kind of sad that the speech was over, and wished I could still keep going. After the speech I asked the class if anyone had any questions, again something completely abnormal to me. But I asked, and the unbelievable happened. People asked questions. A lot of questions. And everyone seemed to be interested in wedding photography all the sudden. How many cameras I have, what’s the most difficult part about shooting a wedding, how do I convince a client they need more time for photos, what’s my Website address? And on top of that, I got positive review about my speech from everyone in class, except everyone wished to see my photos. The speech I dreaded and was nervous about became a Thursday treat. I walked away thrilled about the day. I think I can do this again, just with photos next time.

Happy Thursday, Internet.

Here is one of the Trofimenko family to brighten your day.


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