It’s beginning to look . . .

. . . a lot like Christmas.
If you haven’t noticed, I have snow falling on my blog.
The calendar officially says December.
It is actually snowing somewhere, just not where I live of course.
Christmas music is playing on the radio, at least in my car.
Trader Joe’s has more assortments of chocolates and sweets than you can try for the next ten Christmases.
My living room shrunk significantly in size, yet the Christmas tree made it way cozier.
A Nutcracker brochure came in the mail.
Wishzilla has a winter theme up, with pretty ornaments and pine cones.
. . . and families get together for pictures.

On a cold Thanksgiving morning I had the privilege of meeting Anna and Aleksey’s family, a sweet couple from my church. I’m not really good at shooting family sessions, but who can say no to such a wonderful family. They were just ideal. Despite the cold, they kept changing outfits, were always ready for more photos, and meanwhile being completely enthusiastic and fun to work with. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving morning extra special. I hope to learn all of your names the next time around.

A fav

Love the sun flare

The mansion is not bad either

Anna has three sisters, I can totally relate ;).

That bright blue jacket just makes my day.

A little more casual

I could shoot in front of that building all day, foreeeeal!

And some more of the lovely Anna and her husband Aleksey!

10 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look . . .

  1. well FINALLY there is a new post! so beautiful and joyful, I love these… plus 4 sisters in a family just makes all pictures look even better:)

  2. Yulichka, thank you so much. I just love all the pictures and your work, and I enjoy reading your posts I’m sure just like every one else. (you should write a book :))

  3. Yulichka, Thank yo so much for the great job you did. We absolutely love our pictures. We will treasure them forever! I can’t wait for our next photoshoot. God bless you and your work.

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