A Server not Spiker.

He told me to spike harder. It didn’t go over. He told me to spike as if I was slapping someone hard on a cheek. It still didn’t go over. Ahhh, I was so close. The setter frowned after my second try. Instead of growing with disappointment I moved to the place where I am at my best, serving, and believe it or not scored my team 15 points. I wasn’t doing anything special, but instead of trying to work on my weaknesses I decided to build on my strengths and our team scored like crazy. This whole week I felt like the I was trying really hard to spike. Even the nice things I thought I was doing turned against me, yet I didn’t see it at first. I wish life was as easy as a volleyball game, that I could identify my strengths and weaknesses just as fast, and would move to the back of the court to do what I am best at . . . without the disappointment. I’m still figuring out what it is I should be doing, but I found some things to let go.

And because posts are better with a photo here are two of my favorites from Dan and Jenna’s wedding I photographed with Savannah.


2 thoughts on “A Server not Spiker.

  1. Yeah, I agree you’re great at serving, not only in volleyball 🙂 you may not think you’re doing anything special, but you are a blessing to others around you, thanks Adi, I learn a lot from you. Beautiful images, as always!!!

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