Rain, Garden Weddings, and a Far Away Country

I woke up to the raindrops beating loudly against the pavement right outside my window. The image of me sitting under my umbrella with my heels sinking into the mud in the garden did not attract me, but I hoped for the best. It was still early on into the slow Saturday morning, and the wedding was happening in the afternoon. Shuffling through the few papers on my desk I quickly found the invitation, and the address . . . three and half hours away! “Kat is worth more than this seemly long drive; and I just might never see her again,” I reminded myself once again. My long time college friend met a New Zealander and was about to move there, permanently. As much as I liked Danny and his accent, and as much as I am happy for Kat, New Zealand is just a little too far for me to visit. Reminiscing on our college days with Kat, I was on my way through the central valley. To my great surprise and relief the rain grew milder, and by the time I drove into a beautiful green orchard, the forecast was none other but a sunny day with clear skies. I arrived just a few minutes before the processional and then the happiness began. I loved just sitting there, observing, and delighting in the sunshine without the busyness of photographing a wedding. This was the last wedding of the season for me, yet the first that I attended as a guest. Seeing Kat given away to Danny and actually meeting Danny was truly special. I might not see her again, but I have a few photos that take me back there, to the garden with clear skies, to the smiles of Kat and Danny, and I’m right there, with them.

Couldn’t resist this shot.


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