Brian+Stephanie: Citrus Heights Community Center Wedding

I present to you an awesome, fun, fresh, full of excitement, unforgettable, unique, extraordinary, one of the kind and totally totally rad wedding! Brian and Stephanie are one of the most fun couples I have photographed, and both my assistant and I absolutely looooved shooting their wedding. I should have met Brian and Stephanie in college, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stephanie and I lived in the same dorm, have mutual friends (even my roommate); we probably stood next to each in the cafeteria line, and even walked together through the baseball field to our classes, yet we never met. It wasn’t until after college, when Steph moved to Sacramento that we finally met at my church!

Brian and Stephanie, thank you for the honor of documenting your special day! I loved being part of it, seeing your smiles, watching your love for one another. You complement each other so well, and I am soooo happy for you two!!!!!

To see more of Brian and Stephanie’s photos click HERE for a slideshow.

The first look is priceless! I loved that Brian and Stephanie saw each other before the ceremony. It gave us many picture opportunities we simply couldn’t afford after the ceremony.

Can’t go without a shoe shot.

Captured by Aleksey.

You guys look so good together.

A happy bride makes my day!

A favorite . . .

Reception at the Citrus Heights Community Center

To see more of Brian and Stephanie’s photos click HERE for a slideshow.


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