Kristina: Anytime

Love, love, love the session I’m about to share with you guys. A very long time ago, over a year for sure, I had to photograph someone right after church and seeing Kristina waiting around in the church parking lot, I asked her to model for me to find the best light for portraits. She asked me for a session for her back then, and we finally got together yesterday. Talk about waiting for a loooong time for her picture session. Kristina was well prepared, with different outfits, bright colored ones too (which I think make for best photos). We discussed the backdrops, and the lighting while driving, and I was excited that we both see eye to eye. I can’t wait to meet little Jacob sometime around the middle of December. Thank you Kristina for the shoot. I enjoyed your company, except I forgot how to say oranges in Greek.

I shot this session in RAW, which was kind of fun. I should do it more often.

My fav . . .

I couldn’t decided which photo of the two below I liked most, so I put both of them up.

Kristina you are gorgeous!

4 thoughts on “Kristina: Anytime

  1. Yulia, I love them! They came out just like I imagined! …Actually, better!!! Again, thank you so much for taking the time and making it fun! I’m telling you, you and the camera are meant to work together! BTW, it’s “portokali” for oranges. πŸ˜‰

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