Katerina & Vitaly

We drove up to the field where we planned the shoot and it was on fire (well controlled fire, but same concept). The three of us laughed that we had to pick this place, and this day to do the shoot, although flames in the background might of made for some artistic shots. We defaulted to even to a better spot, with some gorgeous light, and tree branches making a canopy over the road. I just looooved the light there!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when it took me only one shot to get the right exposure, plus some sunflare action. My sister says it’s because I hung out with Daniel Usenko over the weekend and he rubbed off on me. I’ll take that explanation.

You guys look so good together, can’t wait to meet your little girl!

I loved the accent of orange in the photos!

8 thoughts on “Katerina & Vitaly

  1. These are so beautiful! I love the sunlight coming through the tree branches, nicely captured.
    I was so excited for you when I heard you shot a wedding with Daniel Usenko! You are so cool 🙂

  2. Yuliya,
    You did such a wonderful job! I’m amazed how beautiful the pictures turned out. I’m not good at evaluating photography, but all I can say is that these pictures are perfect. You’ve got a wonderful talent. 🙂


  3. I see that you and your best friend “the light” are becoming much better friends, cause the pictures are absolutely amazing. I don’t know how you do it, but all I know is that God has given you an artistic touch that is seen in every picture, the work of a great Artist.

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