Schedules, Neighbor, and Happiness

He always makes my days. I literally mean always. Working hard on repairing his boat, or setting up a bright colorful umbrella right in his front yard, my neighbor Steve never seems to run out of compliments for the girl next door. Wrapping up my morning reading at Starbucks, I went on a search for just the right portfolio binder for my class. Pulling up next to my house, I got out of the car with my target bag, my untouched Starbucks, while still wearing my warm black boots. “You look happy!” shouted Steve coming out of the garage full of stuff that one hopes to use one day. “Really? I do?” I could not be more relieved after hearing such compliment. After frightening emails from the day before, overloaded schedule, and a renewed desire this morning not to waste my time, I was hoping that the pressures wouldn’t steal my smile, that I could still be happy!!! Steve threw in another compliment at the end of our short conversation and I happily walked to my front door, encouraged to keep that smile. Nothing should, intrude on my happiness! There is always a reason to celebrate and dance like no one is watching!

And because posts are always better with a picture . . . I present to you the lovely Michelle and Julian! I had an honor of second shooting their beautiful wedding at the peaceful Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch.

Beautiful flowers everywhere thanks to Brenda with Kuga Designs.

Loved the first dance.

Thanks Vevy for taking me along!


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