Kitchen Table Memories and Josiah

“Boys are so different than girls!” one voice convincingly stated. “It doesn’t matter, kids are all fun,” came a voice from the other side of the table. “But, we never had a boy,” another voice joined in on a conversation. “I can’t wait till there are more boys and girls around this table,” I thought to myself reflecting on my family’s conversation over our Sunday meal. Yes, our family never had any boys, and for certain we didn’t have any boys like Josiah! The conversation echoed a time when I was a kid, sitting at our small kitchen table, debating with my sisters and parents whether we want another boy or a girl. We were all convinced that we wanted a boy. Yes, a boy for sure, we already had three girls!!!! In the days when ultrasounds didn’t exist in our part of the world, Mom brought back home a sweet little girl! Three little heads peeked over a bundled up baby in a white receiving blanket tied with purple sashes. Ahhh, a girl, of course we wanted a girl! And that’s how it’s always been. The older we got and the more fond of our little sister we got, we were all again convinced that a girl was just right, and we didn’t want any boys.

A happy change came with Josiah and we are ecstatic that he indeed is a boy! Our lively Sunday lunch conversation ended with a short photo shoot of my nephew in one of my favorite places to photograph, the church parking lot! Happy Monday Mama, from Josiah!

Josiah, you look adorable in your grandpa Bradshaw’s tie!

And for the photography nerds out there, these photos are not edited!

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