Tim+Marina Part 2

Ahh, the something many of you have long waited for is finally here. It’s the satisfying feeling of a long awaited birthday that’s finally here, the last day of school, which seemed like ages away, the feeling of getting off the plane to the land and people you’ve greatly missed. World, the long awaited picture memories of Tim and Marina’s wedding are here, plus a cherry on the top, their wedding slideshow!!!! Happy Thursday, people!

Just one portrait from the morning session, since I blogged the rest HERE

. . . and two more.

The ceremony took place at the peaceful Sunset Whitney Country Club.

Walking up the aisle with a handsome man.

Walking down the aisle with another handsome man.

For those wondering if I do formal shots at the wedding, of course I do, except I rarely put them up on my blog. This time my assistant Dima handled the formal shots and he did a wonderful job. Nothing like a portrait of beautiful people next to a classic car.

The groom’s niece is adorable!

A little texture never hurts

I always wished to do a ring shot on a pear! Thanks for the opportunity Tim and Marina ;). And Dina, thank you for “borrowing” the chair from the main stage, running around the room to find the perfect pears, and finding just the right light for the shot!

There are some good things about 5D mark ii, like the three shots below with natural looking skin tones.

Caught Aleksey smiling; I should get some points for that.

We had plenty of day light to shoot under a beautiful oak tree after the wedding.

In the morning I was worried that we wouldn’t have any sun for the sunset shoot, so I prayed that we would. When we came to the site there was too much sun, so I prayed that the clouds would cover the sun, and THEY DID!

To see more of Tim and Marina’s wedding, please CLICK HERE for a slideshow.


6 thoughts on “Tim+Marina Part 2

  1. I HAVE been waiting for these – checking back every morning to see if you’ve posted them yet πŸ™‚ Yuliya – they are beautiful!!! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comments guys! Olya, I am so glad that you picked my favorite shot (the last one) as your favorite, we see eye to eye.

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