Goodbye, Summer

57, 59, 57 again, and again! Every time I checked my iPod for weather this week, it almost without exceptions showed 57 degrees in the morning. Living in California, I think 57 justifies wearing boots, foreeeal! I absolutely loved every morning of this week, with a hot beverage in one hand and my Bible in the other, I spent my mornings on the swing in our backyard. Yesterday was the official first day of Fall and that makes me happy. I cannot wait to pull out my long grey coat, the soft teal pashmina . . . and the boots, they’re already out! To celebrate the end of Summer, here are photos from the So-Cal road trip Dina and I took in August.

Some highlights of the trip in no special order:
. . . meeting our friends from London in Carlsbad, we haven’t seen for 14 years of so.
. . . walking late at night with Dina through the Seaport Village in San Diego.
. . . dining at the Harbor House with picturesque view on the city.
. . . hanging out with Vince, Nadia and Josiah at Del Mar Beach.
. . . listening to a live classical concert at La Jolla with ocean waves crushing to the tunes of the strings, simply magical!
. . . going to Starbucks with just the sisters; I felt so cool sitting between the two of them, each with a shiny apple on their screen!
. . . having ice cream by the pool at Mrs. Bradshaw’s house, and then swimming for many hours.
. . . driving through San Diego late in the evening.
. . . watching sunset at Sen Clemente, thinking of my roommate Melody of course!
. . . taking walks at La Jolla in the awesome freezing weather.
. . . listening to Resolved Panel Discussion while driving.
. . . walking through what is a museum hall for me, the streets of Pasadena filled with memories from during and after college.
. . . having breakfast at Starbucks on Colorado Blvd.
. . . sleeping over at my favorites cousin’s place.
. . . and . . . so many more.

And some magic of Dina


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer

  1. Yuliya, You won’t believe this! I looked at the first 5 pictures thinking, Wow Dina looks so cute all running, jumping, then talking to you on the beach. Can you imagine I did not recognize that all along it was me on the picture, until diana posted her comment. Thank you, I feel special!

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