“Josiah is screaming and crying about it every day, he really really wants one,” said Nadia, commenting on how desperately her son needs a photo shoot. I looked through all the photos of him on my blog and the reality is true. He no longer looks anything like the photos I have. I am way past overdue with a photo shoot for my little package from Japan. This morning I wrote Josiah into my schedule. Not because I will forget, oh no, but just so that Nadia will know that I do love my nephew.


8 thoughts on “Scheduled.

  1. Yey! More pictures of the cute baby are coming! So, if you schedule a photo shoot for me, that would mean you love me too? 😀 (hint, hint 🙂

    1. Yes, Marina, but I love you anyway :). Once you come visit me in Sacramento or move into the neighborhood, you know, then we can shoot away!

  2. Thank you aunt Yuliya!!!!!! I have been telling my mom about the photo shoot truly every day, I don’t think mom made it clear enough how badly I wanted it, that’s why it probably took so long. Mom did tell me that aunt Yuliya is busy and has lots of work and that I need to learn to be patient. So I still love you auntie very much and am always ready to pose for you and go through the painful experience of changing all those cute outfits from aunt Olya. Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!

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