No longer “home aloners”

I walked quietly toward the kitchen, conscious of the sound of my steps again the cold floor. I turned on the tea pot, poured a glass of cold orange juice, conscious of how loud the water boiled. I pulled up a chair to the kitchen counter, and then heard a bed squeak and feet stomp on the floor. My parents were home.

The whole week the house sat in complete silence, except for when my sister Dina and I happened to be home at the same time. This morning it came alive and regained its voices, as my parents came back from vacation. There would be no more loud music playing from my room, just so I can hear it wherever I am in the house. No more shouting late at night to Dina in the next bedroom, ok maybe the house wasn’t that silent. But the full house never gets wearisome, and the voices of my parents on the backyard swing are always pleasant.

And because a post is always better with a picture, here are some of the preparation of Tim and Marina’s reception site.

Love these . . .


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