A Special Kind of Family

We just could not wait till tonight. Dina and I enthusiastically pulled into the church parking lot, knowing that tonight is going to be special. An immediate family is one of the greatest blessings in life, but a family made up of a hundred different people, with their own unique personalities, backgrounds and gifts is even better. Tonight was a meeting of our church family with no guests, just the parents and the kids, the brothers and the sisters. I loved the sweet time we had, just like an ordinary family would around a table. We talked about the blessing of God on our family, finances, vacations (aka: retreats), a new home for us one day, the kids that gone bad :), and goals for our future years. Because of my love for this family, here are a few shots of some people from my church from Tim and Marina’s wedding. Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

The best pastor on the planet, with his lovely wife and one awesome kid!

And yours truly . . . Yuliya


5 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Family

  1. I have been waiting 7 days for something, anything. And the new post hits the spot. Hurray! Keep up the good work! (but still waiting for future posts though)

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