Jephthah, Skits and Weddings

“You are in Judges 12 Skit, Galilee Day 7, Leader: Jeremy Edwards,” said the announcement neatly placed into my mailbox at Ibex (name of a study abroad semester in Israel). I gasped while reading. “What???? Who signed me up for this?” Only a week prior a sign up sheet went around our classroom for those who wanted to act in upcoming skits while on a field trip to Galilee, and I DID NOT volunteer. “Is this some kind of prank?” I thought to myself, thinking of Jeremy Edwards, the big prankster in our group. “Is it one of my roommates, playing a cruel joke on me, Melody, Whitney, or maybe Ben Blakey? Or my professor, Todd Bolen?” I didn’t know whom to blame, so I went along and took a part in planning the skit, an experience I dreaded at first, but loved at the end.

While on my way to weddings the last two weekends, the same thought ran through my head. “Who signed me up for this??????” Was it Dina, who believes in me more than any other person? Was it my older sister who keeps commenting on my blog, encouraging me to keep going? My cousin Emily who aspires to shoot like me? Maybe the blog readers who wait with anticipations for the blue star on their safari top sites page? Or my assistant photographer? (Oh wait, I signed him up for this!) I didn’t know whom to blame, so I went along and shot the weddings! Driving in the early mornings to the weddings sites, I was overwhelmed by the responsibility that lay upon me and wished I could just pass it on to someone with more experience, someone who never misses a shot, a volunteer, you know? At the end of the day the pressure would slowly die out and I could breath again, enjoying the last moments of a passing day. This morning I got up with a refreshed spirit and excitement about a new day with no worries in it. I loved the free time in the morning to simply sit still in an unhurried fashion, the freedom to enjoy a breakfast with Dina, to read a book on a hammock. Reminiscing on the weddings in the quietness of the morning, I thought to myself that maybe, I could do this again, it wasn’t that bad after all.

These two pictures are very special to me, because they were shot by a lovely bride, Marina. Just like at the end of their engagement session, I asked Marina if she could get a photo of me on the couch we used for their shoot and she did a beautiful job. I love these photos. Believe it or not, for the first shot I actually got a little nervous in front of my own camera, but then relaxed for the second one remembering that the long day was almost over, my job is done and I can sit back and smile!

Gotta love my shootsac!


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