Tim+Marina: Part 1

A soft sigh came from Marina as he walked away. Surrounded by giggles from her friends who all secretly had a crush on him, Marina was introduced to Tim at a summer camp, while still in junior high. Full of energy and youthfulness Tim came up with a plan to get Marina’s email through her cousin. Intrigued by her matchmaking role, the cousin hurried Marina into setting up an email, and so the conversation started. He would say hi to her in church and as he walked away, that same soft sigh was heard again. They hardly talked in public, but when their eyes met, she knew that he knew and their secret admiration grew stronger, until . . . it fully blossomed into a beautiful love story.

Driving up to the coast for what seemed just a day trip for his birthday, Marina was in for a great surprise. After exploring an old light house perched over cliffs, the couple was on their way to a secluded beach where IT was going to happen. Before everything was set up by Tim’s friends, some time needed to be wasted and Tim made a few wrong turns, trying really hard to fool Marina into believing that he is really lost. Driving slowly along the coast, which seemed almost like backwards to Marina, Tim kept remarking on how wonderful the weather was, while the broadcast promised heavy showers. After another agreement from Marina to the fact that the weather was indeed splendid, they arrived to their destination. The sun was getting closer to horizon at this point and the dark trail leading down to the beach did not at all look inviting to Marina. “Maybe we should go back?” Marina first quietly remarked to Tim and then almost persisted after seeing a coyote warning sign next to the trail. For IT to happen there was no other way or other beach, so Tim kept leading the way.

As soon as their feet stepped onto rounded rocks of the beach Marina was ready to sit down, yet no spot seemed to please Tim. He kept looking for something, but it wasn’t there. After hopeless effort to find a rose that had to be hidden ahead of time someplace in the rocks of the beach, Tim could wait no longer and asked Marina to close her eyes and spin around. Meanwhile the search for the rose continued, yet hopeless. Almost falling down from spinning Marina was stopped by Tim and as she opened her eyes, IT happened. Tim was on one knee asking her to marry him. I love how this part of the story never gets old, it’s always new, as if Tim was the first guy to ever propose and Marina, the first girl to ever say yes. What could have been a perfect ending to a perfect day got even better. More surprises awaited Marina just around the corner where set perfectly between the tall rocks was a swing next to a fire pit, surrounded by tiki torches, which were gently glowing with the setting sun. Tim led his new fiance to the swing, while Marina kept looking around to see if anyone was there or the occupants of the swing would show up between the rocks. Blown away by his creativity, Marina reflected on the day, slowly putting the puzzle pieces together. “And the coffee you wanted . . .” said Tim while pulling out a thermos from behind the swing, ” . . . is not here,” shaking the empty container. Both laughing the newly engaged delighted in the serenity of the evening, with their faces glowing from the light of the tiki torches.

Who would have imagined that their wedding day would come so soon. That the dancing lights of the torches would turn into the switching off and on of the house lights while Marina and Tim were getting ready for their first look. Their ride into a classy black Rolls-Royce, flip flops into white heals, and the flowers at the swing would be replaced by beautiful bouquet Marina would hold while walking down the aisle. The wedding day seemed too short for all the planning that went into it, but it wasn’t about the wedding. The details were amazing, but they weren’t the focus. It was about marriage and not about the placement of the dinner fork next to the dessert spoon. That, made their day unforgettable. I still remember the day when Tim and Marina asked me to document their special day and I am still blown away by the honor. It was truly a privilege to watch every moment up close, thank you!

The first look . . .

When I saw this balcony my heart melted, I could of photographed here for hours. Forreal.

Dina’s favorite . . . I can’t argue with her, Marina is a gorgeous bride!

Rod’s favorite . . .

Ahhh, so many good laughs with Aleksey about this shot. While taking this shot, Aleksey, one of the groomsmen, told the guys that this shot will not have their heads in it. He knew exactly what he was talking about, voila!

While I was grabbing the shot above, my second shooter got this shot below and I absolutely love it. Dima you are awesome!

My mom likes this one in particular, I do too.

Shoe shots are still my favorite . . .

. . . and this shot is gracing a vintage car website, which is being built at the moment by my brother-in-law :).

Austen, if you are reading the blog right now, I remember your comment about this brick wall that I used as a backdrop for my sister’s photo shoot on my old blog. That was a long time ago, hopefully I improved a little.

I love the wind in these and of course the couple’s expression.

While I was getting this shot . . .

Dima was getting this shot below . . .

And these shots below deserve a separate post or something, iLove them! They are decorating my desktop right now. Dina says it’s too many guy shots, but whose blog is this, hers or mine?


12 thoughts on “Tim+Marina: Part 1

  1. How is it possible that you get better and better at taking pictures every time i see a new post? Wow, i think these are the best wedding photos i ever saw! Love them! I love your ideas and creativity, and all the different angels you shot with.

    1. Thank you Marina, you’re sweet. I don’t know how it is, all credit to God! I try my very best to create the best possible pictures for the couple and not just for my own sake, and that helps.

  2. I love the picture that Dima took of the guys with Tim the only one looking! its a favorite for me of the guys. And Yuliya, beautiful work as always 🙂

  3. These are absolutly AMAZING!!!!! I’m so proud of my little sister:) God is so good in allowing you to grow with each wedding, each picture, each moment that you capture. Praise God!

  4. Yulya, you have done an amazing job. I couldn’t pick my favorite one, because they are all perfect. Keep up the great work. God bless you.

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