Coffee with a smile

The best things in life are often unplanned. Like the passenger next to you on the plane that becomes a friend, a random beach alongside the road that becomes a favorite after a stop, a package in the mail from family, a life long friend showing up randomly at your doorstep, a mundane visit to town that turns into an adventure, oh and don’t get me started on the unplanned trips that you pack for in 15 minutes and have the time of your life! Yesterday morning was just that, an unplanned time that was so sweet and reminded me that I don’t always know what’s best for me and the unplanned things that God brings into my life are often way better than I could have planned for myself. I definitely wouldn’t plan to have my air conditioning in the car brake, but someone else plans wiser than me. Roman, a friend mechanic, called me early to see if I was available for a car check up and even though I still didn’t finish the few things planned for the morning, I rushed out to Rocklin, for the third time that week. In the hurry and the busyness I forgot about breakfast, maybe some other things too. Trying to work around the changed agenda for the day, I still had a backup idea of how I could spend my morning somewhat calmly without the pressure of the appointments in the afternoon. But someone was planning without consulting me and . . . for my good! The car check up took way longer than I had intended, with my plans like the sand castles quickly washed off by the waves. Something better awaited for me that morning. A sweet voice came from the kitchen; Roman’s wife Inna offered to make me coffee. “You know, Yuliya,” she said while whisking half and half for my coffee, “I’m not happy that your AC is not working, but I’m so happy that you get to come by.” The rest of the hour I enjoyed Inna’s pleasant company plus a wonderful cup of Peet’s coffee, followed by some time watching the kids while Inna went to the store and brainstorming solutions for my car problems together with Roman. When I was about to frown on what I didn’t do that morning, I smiled instead, thinking about the pleasantness of reality and the plan that was so much better than mine. I felt so cared for and loved by the couple who is part of my church family, witnessed again how beautiful their family is on the inside, when no one is watching, and the coffee and breakfast sustained me through a mid afternoon photo shoot. To end the post here are some images from the photo shoot that make me smiles for one reason or the other.

I love the simplicity of an afternoon run in the park with grandpa.


2 thoughts on “Coffee with a smile

  1. Juile you’re so sweet!! i love your photos, and God is great by giving us aportunities to meet even though we think it’s unplanned… you are welcome to stop by anytime 🙂

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