David: Newborn Shoot

The Saturday of the shoot was quite an adventurous day, filled with fun memories we created with Anna and Christina who first took me to town for breakfast, and then to Anna’s friend’s place where the shoot took place. Looking back to the day I remember the chilly morning in San Francisco with overcast sky, just how I like it. I love walking in the city early in the morning and preferably with a hot drink in my hand. That was a perfect start of the day. The three of us girls enjoyed some wonderful breakfast outdoors, which for me consisted of a Strawberry Blintz, thank you for the treat Anna. One of my favorite things from the day was the conversations. The topics ranged from wedding photography to studying abroad for college, to fashion styles and many others. The shoot itself was quite amusing too, with three of us, plus the mom, working hard to get the shots below. I loved the moment when little David fell asleep, the heater was on full blast to accomplish that and the little guy did really well. And of course, here the images from the day! Enjoy.

My sweeeet breakfast plate . . .

I asked David’s mom if she happened to have a hat with little ears and she did! I was super excited, except it took some skill to put it on, it was incredibly small. After the shoot Luba gave me the hat for my future shoots and that of course added to the happiness of my day!

The family shoot was challenging, but I love the fun in these two photographs, with David in focus and the smiling family in the background.

The beautiful mom . . .


3 thoughts on “David: Newborn Shoot

  1. Yulichka, I love the pictures you took. You are my favorite photographer on earth 🙂
    Thank you for spending the day with me and Kristinka.

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