The Things I Love . . .

As the sun rays fill my room early morning I love picking up a book to read. Yet my iPod often seems to dominate over a paperback, because it holds a world of books, blogs that could probably not fit into a regular size book (maybe I should get an iPad). Some of you have told me that you benefited from my posts from (a website that posts a new gem each day, find them under Today’s Grace Gem in the side bar). There is though another source that I wanted to share, because its content is priceless. The blog is one of the few that I read on my iPod in the morning. The author is one of my favorite professors from college, Dr. Varner, also known as Dr. Ibex. Lately he started a series of posts on the Psalms, consecutively going through the book day by day and I included one of my favorites below. Dr. V’s insight is invaluable and will motivate you to dig deeper into God’s word. You can learn a ton from the previous posts on the first 20 Psalms and go through the entire psalter with my favorite teacher. Find it here or click on the post below!

And because posts are always better with a picture, here are three, two of which you might have seen already in the camp slideshow. I saved these to post later on my blog, so that I remember the lessons learned at camp. Since Dr. V’s post talk about effects of the word on your life I think these images fit perfectly, because they remind me foremost of being first a Mary and then a Martha, of doing the one necessary thing!


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