Laura: Any time shoot

She sat to the left of me in my photography class. I was lost in all the photography terms while she struggled with shortcuts on a Mac, and together we made it through the class just fine! The next semester I was saving a spot for her in the classroom. Laura is one of the funnest people I know, always coming up with some fun idea and up to something interesting. One of my favorite memories with Laura was Independence Day back in ’08. Laura invited me to stay in a cabin with her up in Tahoe and that’s got to be my favorite July 4th ever. We found a perfect spot on a beach and watched the sky lit up with thousands of fireworks gently falling into the water. Frankly, I’ve never quite enjoyed a fireworks show as much as that one.
This beautiful Saturday morning Laura came over to my place and together we made a ton of images! We did almost exact same thing last year, also using my house as a backdrop, yet in addition we ventured into a different style shoot and location this time around. Hanging out with Laura was too much fun and I have to admit that she is one beautiful model.

The shoot turned out so beautifully, thank you Florita for letting us use your truck! It made a great backdrop.

I just got my lens back from a repair shop and it works better than it ever did. I’m kind of glad that it broke, except for the repair bill ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Laura: Any time shoot

  1. Yuliya! You’re the best! I had a great time and it was definitely fun! … but then, always being photographed by you is so much fun. You definitely make the subject comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

    You know what’s missing, the greek goddess shot! I love that one! Definitely need to get together again…

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