Stephanie: Bridal Shower

There is so much on my mind, so much that I want to say, but I hardly had time this week to express myself. So tonight I am doing that with pictures. This was a special small bridal shower that I took a part in planning and I absolutely loved it. I look at hundreds of pictures each week, which all show beautiful details and so often I want to create similar things. This shower gave me the opportunity to do just that. I came up with a theme, which looks totally nothing like I originally envisioned it, and then searched through my sisters’ closets to find the perfect match for the vision in my head. I first came up with a design for the menu and by the end of the week everything turned into a lemon theme and I absolutely loved it. Dina always seems to catch my vision too, so together we worked on the intricate details. I barely had time to photograph once everything was set up, but I’m happy with the photos I got and at the end of the day, I’m glad that there are only a few photos to go through and choose instead of hundred. Stephanie, it’s a privilege to throw you a shower and to be the person watching your entire wedding day up close!

Gotta love this shot. Thanks Emilia for the chalkboards!

There were so many details at the shower that I thought would be nice to have, but didn’t really expect to find, and God just provided for so many things that I kept being amazed the whole time. At the shower Marina mentioned that without praying it’s impossible to plan a wedding and I say that goes for the bridal shower too! I saw the nest looking basket that held lemons on a blog and Nadia just happened to have one in her drawer!

Can you find me in these photos? The credits for the beautiful photography go to my sister Dina. It’s so awesome that I can just tell her an idea and she captures it, without me coming over to the camera :).

Thank you Ira, for opening up your home and yes, I loved how the color of your house matched the theme of the shower :).


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