The Lime Thread Hero

I have never quite grown out of liking them. The small spools with fun colored threads have been a long addiction since college. I bought a small sowing kit right before leaving for college just in case some sowing needed to be done, but mostly because how fun the kit looked. There was hardly a semester when I didn’t use it, so before leaving to Israel for my third semester in college, I bought a slightly larger kit, also with fun colored threads tightly hugging the spools. Yesterday I pulled out the famous fix-it all kit from a box for a quick purse repair and the bright lime color jumped out at me again. I couldn’t help but think of Roxy. That is so her color, that is so the thread that made her day and knit our friendship. It was about second or third week into the semester and I’ve noticed that my new roommate kept wearing the same lime tank top with lace on the bottom slightly torn on one side. “Oh, I don’t care that it’s ripped, it’s still my favorite,” declared Roxy after I asked her about the tank. Shyly I asked if I could sow it up for her and that evening I spent lining up the torn lace to her favorite piece of clothing. I am far from being a perfectionist, but I remember my slight disappointment when the lace didn’t line up perfectly towards the end. I left the finished project nicely folded on her bed and the bright lime thread on my desk to show Roxy how perfectly the color matched her top. The room came alive with excitement once Roxy got back. After thanking me a million times, she got on the phone and told Daniel, now her husband, how her tank top became one piece again and about the perfect match of the lime thread. And that is how our friendship was knit tighter. I sowed her lime top and she called me a hero ever since!


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