Church Camp 2010

I tapped on the faucet handle and to my surprise water did not come out. I tried again and it still didn’t come out. Before I stretched my hand to tap it again the reality dawned on me. I am no longer in camp and this is not a tap faucet, I have to lift the handle. I smiled at how quickly my brain got used to the camp faucet, yet with the smile came a wave of sadness, I missed camp and wished it wasn’t over. This year camp was so different for me, more personal, more sanctifying, yet it also seemed shorter than usual. I took in every minute and absolutely loved it. How I wish we can do it all over again, I cannot get tired of our church camp. I awaited this camp with great anticipation with my bags packed by Tuesday morning, and it was well worth the wait. From setting up, to fun mornings in the kitchen, to the cleaning up time, I truly enjoyed myself. I had all the slideshow photos ready last night, but with some final camp assingments I had to delay to this evening. Enjoy the photos and check out the slideshow here.

If there was a competition for the best looking tent in camp, it would of course go to my brother-in-law Vitaly. I told him he had a Greek tent, since it’s named Eureka! It’s the one with an exclamation mark on it.

I walked out to breakfast on Friday morning with my camera, but Aleksey beat me. I’ll get up earlier next year :).

I almost ran out of time to do “the shot” which I have done for the last two years, I love the collection.

My favorite speaker for camp 2010, thanks Tim.

Saturday morning breakfast was one of my most favorite times at the camp. The college Bible study rocks and the light was gorgeous!

Time to time I had a hard time capturing the shots I wanted, since my favorite wider lens broke, and this is definitely one example. I wanted to capture Dina, Aleksey and Igor as they were breaking eggs into a large bowl, but I couldn’t find an angle where the whole action would fit into my frame.

The little bundle of joy arrived to the camp as well. I loved watching Josiah, so far I can’t get tired of him.

Captured by Dina.

I’ll end with my favorite, a shoe shot. Can you guess anyone?


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