Inna & Paul: Anytime

Charming, lovely, radiant, friendly, amusing, energetic, open, and of course beautiful are just a few words to describe Inna. I heard a lot about her the summer of her wedding and once I came home from college I met Inna at her bridal shower (in which I somehow was involved planning without even knowing the bride). Once married, Inna moved with her husband to the Bay area, yet never quite lost the friendships she created. That is one thing I love so much about her. A few weeks ago I got an email from the lovely Inna asking to photograph her before the arrival of her baby. I was honored and also excited to spend some time with her and Paul. The day was hot and sunny, yet beautiful people look good even in a harsh light. Thank you Inna and Paul for the fun Sunday afternoon, can’t wait to see your little one.

On another note . . . what added extra excitement to my Sunday were a few people in my church who care about my photo shoots, all I can say is thank you. I love being part of a church family and sharing my life with others. There are some awesome blog readers out there, who tell me they read my blog every day and ask me if I’m posting anything new if I haven’t posted for a day. I am humbled that you guys stop by, share comments and just get super excited to see new pictures. Thank you for being there for me, you bring lots of smiles each and every day. Soli Deo Gloria.

A favorite . . .

I wonder who is in there?

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