Baby Philip

“And why exactly do you need a bucket?” my mom starred at me at the store, completely puzzled. “Oh no,” followed next. This time my mom read my thoughts, this was, for another photo shoot. Last week my mom took me to the store to get me some clothes for my birthday, and poor mom rolled her eyes on me too many times, when instead of clothes I brought home birdcages, suitcases, a globe and yes a rustic looking bucket! I couldn’t wait till this morning to use it and yes, it looks great, just like I envisioned it. It took some talent to put Philip into it, but the little guy did great. This was a great way to start my Monday morning. I haven’t got up to go to work in the morning in a very very long time, and this was rewarding, especially when the cutest little face of Isabella peeked out behind the door. Never feels like a job. Can’t wait for the rest of the week!

A cutie with sapphire eyes.

Lovely room

Love these.

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