What do YOU love?

I am so excited to say that I love my church. I do wish it was Sunday every single day, because of it. Last Sunday was not an exception. The first weekend of July marks our church anniversary and also kicks off Sunday nights at the park. It was an extremely busy day for me and I wish I could off fit a few more plans into it, like hanging out with Marina and Trevor who were driving through Sacramento, but nevertheless it was a wonderful day. I loved all the opportunities I had to serve and to focus on others instead of me. Sadly, last year picnic was completely opposite for me. My favorite part of the day was at sunset when we all gathered for singing and then for some sharing time. The gorgeous backlight draped with leaves of the cherry plum tree right behind the band was spectacular. I’ll say no more, you can see it for yourself.

How many guys does it take to get a grill running? Just one, Max got it covered

Some came extra prepared.

The thirsty and the hungry bunch

Forget the food, it’s game time

. . . and the gorgeous backlight, ahhh

The Pros. Paul, did I ever tell you that you are really good? Well I just did.

We laughed . . .

. . . and we cried. (Vince that was the sweetest speech ever.)

. . . and we shared and even pulled pranks.

Thank you Lord, for a church family I couldn’t even dream of.


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