Within the walls of Stanford

It started early Saturday morning. One call after another. I’m running late, a voice on the other line. Do you want Starbucks, a voice on another line. Is that person coming, yet another. My phone worked really hard in answering all the calls and texting back and forth until I was finally on the road. Fortunately the hectic morning did not define the rest of the day, instead it was the slow walks around the beautiful grounds of historic campus, fun strolls along the streets of Palo Alto, frozen yogurt for a snack and a my favorite, hummus with pita for lunch. While I used to be opposed to trips to the Bay Area and instead would drive to LA whenever I got a chance, I’m starting to warm up to them, especially because of the beautiful coast less than two hours away from my house. Thank you to that one person in our group dying to go to the beach, it was a perfect end to our day. I don’t remember a cloudy day at Half Moon Bay for awhile, so this was a treat. Descending to the coast on the 92 was spectacular, with clouds rolling over us the closer we got to the beach. The Poplar Beach is becoming more of a home, I love coming there. Throwing around a frisbee on the beach brought tons of memories of Israel, playing on the Mediterranean and also along the Dead Sea (I can’t forget that one, I hit the new guy in our group, Brandon, in the head with a frisbee thrown from a long distance, luckily he became my friend). Looking back on last Saturday, I really enjoyed our trip and thankful for the opportunities to get to know some people in a different context. Thank you all for coming and making the day a memorable one. And did I mention that on the way back I showed the girls, the house, like the house.

Check out this ride.

I can’t stand modern art, but the couches were ok. Thank you Natasha for capturing, you have a perfect balance with the camera.

Favorite shot of the day, thank you Ivan. And ladies, you look lovely.

And of course, the happy bunch, as my friend would say.


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