Diana & Christina: Anytime

Shoots like these inspire me to keep photographing. When I first started I could only dream about doing fun shoots like the ones I recently had a privilege to do, with suitcases, fun props, cupcakes and the most adorable idea of bubbles. Thank you Diana and Christina for planning your shoot so well and for letting me photograph your friendship. You’ll probably see them again on my blog, because the girls haven’t run out of ideas yet and Diana will be in a wedding I’m photographing at the end of August.

For the shoot, we wanted to find a desert looking place to have the bubbles stand out more and I believe this worked.

This is a second time Christina took me to a no trespassing zone, sometimes I wonder about that girl!

I loved the cupcakes. And did I mention that I also got a cupcake after the shoot! That was so sweet of you girls, thank you!

And of course how about some hand made vintage cards by Christina!


5 thoughts on “Diana & Christina: Anytime

  1. traspassing for the sake of pictures!
    i worry sometimes for myself too honestly.

    The Lord has truely given you a gift… still hoping to be your assistant clothing designer one day 😉

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