Christina and Emilia: Anytime

I love anytime portraits and since I didn’t fully blog one of my last ones, here is a follow up post of Emilia and Christina. On another note I am so excited that today is Friday! Yes, there are some things that still need to be done before the adventurous evening, but I love having a lot of things to do. Since I looked at these for quite some time already, now is your turn and I will go do those things!

I think this is the first time I applied a vignette to this image, I normally wouldn’t do that, but something about this photo needed it.

This was my favorite part of the shoot. What can be better than reading outdoors (except for the bees).

Emilia reading out of the book . . . too much fun.

I love this image!

And yours truly, Yuliya

Thank you for capturing these so beautifully Emilia.


3 thoughts on “Christina and Emilia: Anytime

  1. yuilya, you were totally right about the vignette. it gives a good touch
    and the bees were definitely an obstacle.
    thanks again.

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