The Unplanned Beach

I absolutely love the feeling of being in a completely different surrounding in just a few hours of driving, or flying. There is something so amazing to me in spending my morning in my house and then the afternoon next to a beach, or high up in the mountains, no where close to being in my backyard. Driving down to the scenic CA coast for a day always gives me that pleasure of being in two different worlds in a matter of a few hours. Two weeks ago Dina and I ventured on another short day journey to the Half Moon Bay. This time we decided to deviate from the map and drive along Highway 1, next to Pacifica, and we could not have enjoyed that more. Along the way we decided to explore a new beach. After stopping in a small parking lot, we crossed the freeway and descended down a winding wooden staircase beneath cascading branches of evergreen Carmel Pines. The small bay that opened up before us at the end of the stairs was striking and could hardly be captured through my lens. We set close to the water admiring the beauty and laughed about how prepared we came to the beach, even my blue striped towel that I hardly forget to bring to the beach, stayed in the trunk of my car, at home! We did eventually get to the planned beach and took the regular freeways home. Thanks Dina for creating so many fun memories with me, let’s keep doing it.

It’s better when we’re together!


3 thoughts on “The Unplanned Beach

  1. ADI yafa sheli, thanks for capturing these unforgettable moments, we should definitely do this more often, you never know maybe there is a white sailboat that is waiting for us on one of these unplanned beaches 🙂

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