Danielle & Jeff Engagement

Just thinking about the last weekend brings a smile to my face. What truly a beautiful day it was. I met up with Jeff and Danielle at Cavallo Point in Sausalito and it was a real treat to be there and to take pictures of such fun couple. A day before the engagement session one of my friends commented to me that I have a very interesting job, to go places and take pictures of people. While driving to the bay area I kept thinking about that comment and how richly blessed I am to have this kind of job in this season of life. I definitely want to grow in my photography skills and want to see my business flourish into something big, but I am happy at the stage it is in now, where I have the freedom to spend more time creating something fun with my clients, investing more into them to produce the best images possible and enjoying the friendships I create along the way. Sitting at a restaurant while enjoying a stunning panorama of San Francisco and its Golden Gate Bridge wrapped in blanket of clouds, I could not help but be thankful for my job. Thank you Jeff and Danielle for the adventure on Saturday, you guys did great in spite of the cold wind and believe it or not, I liked your dog. I cannot wait till your wedding on September 4!

Click HERE for a slideshow!

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2 thoughts on “Danielle & Jeff Engagement

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Stephanie, I’m amazed that you would even like my work, it’s humbling. Thank you!

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