Josiahichka . . .

My nephew is just too adorable and picture perfect. While hanging out at my sister’s house for the past two days I always kept my camera handy. Today we tried to do some formal shots of the baby and what can I say, too cute! Lena Galbin requested new pictures of Josiah, and Aleksey Moskalets asked for one with his eyes open, well I hope you are both satisfied! Any other requests?

Here is a peak into Josiah’s room.
The sheep mobile over Josiah’s crib . . .

Josiah’s sheep friend . . .

The chef monkey from aunt Olya . . .

Josiah’s feeding schedule, wait I thought he just ate?

Josiah’s first semi-bath . . . he loved it!

Dina and I tried to take this shot yesterday, but he just wouldn’t fall asleep. The bath and the extra warmth in the house helped today!

He is the cutest thing ever!

5 thoughts on “Josiahichka . . .

  1. Josiahichka, you are the cutest and aunt Yuliya, you are the best! Thank you for capturing our precious baby in such creative ways

  2. Again, amazing pictures. That little boy loves to sleep, lucky Nadia. He is totally for Japan. 🙂 God Bless him.

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