There is something better

I’ll never forget the coolness of having one. Everyone exchanged them just a few weeks after the high school prom and I would hope my friends wouldn’t forget me and sign one for me as well. Small wallets from the school dances ruled my campus for about a week or two, until all the cool kids (as I thought back then) gave out their last pictures. I was trying to remember what I did with the wallets I cherished so much; somehow they have lost all their value. It’s so amazing how we, the human beings, always set our mind on some thing that we give so much value to, believing it to be the best thing out there, when in reality there is something better and we just don’t see it. Preparing pictures from my own photo shoot for the blog, I remembered how much I wanted to be in one of those small wallets, and have “the cool picture.” No, I never reached the coolness bar set in high school, but the photos below are way higher than the raised bar, and so much better! Thanks Dina for capturing these photos of me, I love how differently we see the world through the camera, each shot is a keeper.

And of course, this one is my favorite! Thank you Dina for such beautiful composition.


4 thoughts on “There is something better

  1. Yuliya, you’re so cute! I miss your pressious face (go ahead, correct my spelling 🙂 ) Dina, and you are becoming quiet a photographer yourself 🙂

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