Trofimenko: Urban Touch

It is truly amazing how many shots you can get in just thirty minutes. Although I absolutely love shooting and often spend extra time with my client-friends to get more creative shots with different backdrop, I am looking forward to the time when I can fit in several short sessions in one day. This was the first session I actually limited myself to time and both parties, the models and the photographer walked away happy.
Thank you Natalie, Mike and Isabella for hanging out with me on an extremely windy Friday afternoon!

I love the last photo, it was extremely hard to capture, because Isabella kept running around her parents, but on the bright side, it is a non posed photo (besides for the parents)!


2 thoughts on “Trofimenko: Urban Touch

  1. Yulia,
    another great session! Love your texturing! And the “trofimenko” sign on the building! 🙂 very creative!

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