Journey to the Vintage Land

It wasn’t really planned. It just happened. I was in a mood of taking pictures, Dina in a mood of dressing up, soon we carried books, chair, shoes, boxes into the car and started driving. We didn’t know where to go, just some place to unload the stuff in my car and take a few shots before the sun set, and so it happened. We caught the last rays of sun shortly after we started shooting, and I still don’t know if all of that was worth the few pictures we got, but it was impromptu and I like that word! Here are some pictures from our short journey!

Thank you Vinita, for bringing the Eiffel Tower from France, you are the sweetest friend ever!

This photo just makes me want to read!


6 thoughts on “Journey to the Vintage Land

  1. awesome, perfect, stunning, breathtaking…….just WOW…..I LOVE THESE, Dina you are so beautiful….and Yuliya these are absolutely great. I love the light, the location and of-course the girl:)

    1. You just have a way with words, what can I say, but THANK YOU, for support, for being there, for leaving comments. Let’s do a photo shoot!

  2. Yulia,
    Love these pictures; love the chair and the books, and of course Dina looks stunning! You inspire me to get a camera and start shooting!

  3. remind me of pride and prejudice 😀
    old yet not ancient
    classy yet not boring
    unique yet not strange

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