Shopping for Time

“Sorry, that can’t work . . . Yeah, I can’t do it either . . . How about in half an hour . . . Tomorrow, yes? . . . Maybe the day after? . . . I’m busy . . . Oh no, now I’m busy . . . But today for sure? . . . That’s not enough time.” This is the gist of our conversation with Nadia for almost two weeks to set up this photo shoot. I am not kidding, my sister has too much on her plate and I only seem to be free when other people aren’t. I guess with Josiah’s arrival, I will have to make an appointment a month in advance. Wouldn’t it be great to go to the store and buy some time? “Two extra hours for Thursday, and add 15 minutes to that for Friday morning, and ten extra hours for Saturday, please.” Fortunately, we are given a set amount of time and it’s freeing when we can learn to spend it well. Thank you, Nadia for planning your day around our shoot, for coming prepared and with lots of excitement. It was a joy to create these together. You look beautiful, sister!

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