Girls’ Night Out

The dumpsters at the Fountains never looked as good as today, that’s for sure. After walking around to find some good locations, I sat down across the main fountain waiting for something to happen. Most of my memories from that place are of warm sun shining down on me while reading a book at one of the tables, but today was cold. Listening to the noise of splashing water, I entertained myself by people watching. My hands were too cold to pull out a book out of my bag. My eyes stopped on a couple dressed very elegantly, taking pictures at the fountain. In the background a few cars pulled up with more girls in pretty dresses. Prom day I thought to myself. After glancing one more time at the dressed up crowd, it suddenly hit me that I know these people and that they are looking for ME! Forgetting about the cold my mind switched to working mood and off we went around the Fountains square shooting! My appearance was planned in advance by someone else, but for the girls I was a total surprise. Thankfully, I was a good surprise and the photo shoot turned out well. There was one thing I really missed at the shoot, the wide angle lens I always rent for weddings. It’s like missing a paintbrush, without which I cannot paint a complete scene.

While most of these girls make a frequent appearance on my blog, I had four new models today, can you pick them out?

I saw this large window while walking around waiting for the girls to arrive and was hoping we would get around to shoot here and we did! After looking at all the photos the ones in front of the window are my favorite.

While editing pictures I noticed a reflection of lamp post in the window and absolutely fell in love with it.

And how about one photo of the guys . . .

And of the photographer . . . ? While driving home I remembered that I wanted to be in one of the pictures today too, but I completely forgot to ask to have my photo taken. But no worries, I still had my camera with me and a bridge to the side of the road made a great backdrop. As I told you in my previous post, my camera is still practicing, so be patient with it. These shots are not really in focus, but self portraits are too fun not to share.

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