by THIS we KNOW: Retreat II

I just could not wait till Friday! I don’t remember ever being so excited about a retreat. If you know me well enough, I easily back out of things and at the last minute want to change my mind. This time it was different, I really wanted a retreat, to get away and spend time with the people I love, doing the things I love. Friday finally came and the four of us girls got into a car and headed for the coast! Ah, the beautiful coast, what a privilege to live in CA. After leaving the gentle rolling hills bathing in the sun rays we drove into a dense forest, which for our driver was the most fabulous experience! Winding through the curved road we finally found the conference center. This was a wonderful first impression. Shaded by tall sequoia trees, the camp ground was exceptionally scenic and tranquil. The best was yet to come. Reflecting on the weekend, I could not be happier. It’s a beautiful thing to see God’s hand of blessing and it was there, lavishing his grace minute by minute. I came back with a refreshed mindset on temptation, pride, love. I also walked away with stronger friendships, refreshed spirit, a few photos and a few injuries to help me remember the experience. Did I say a FEW photos? My wrists still remember the weight of the camera glued to my eye.

The retreat was intense.
The best photographers from Nor Cal came together to document the event!

A photojournalist was hired to capture the amazing basketball team, starring the famous Mike Gunko!

. . . the unbeatable volleyball team was documented for a sports magazine cover! Submit your votes for favorite cover in the comments field.

The not so serious post-college group . . .

and the extremely serious college group . . .


Credits: Photo of Dima with camera captured by Aleksey Moskalets. Basketball team shot captured by Marina Moskalets. Post-college Bible Study group captured by Aleksey. Thank you fellow photographers, you are much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “by THIS we KNOW: Retreat II

  1. Many photographers can take a picture but only a few can capture moments in an unforgettable way, you are definitely one of the few…I love your pictures!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Dina for your comment and for constantly pushing me to take better photographs (and for making me bring my camera :D).

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