Two Seconds of Fame

You seem only as yesterday, yet it’s been already three years. I left you barely at dawn of one cold January morning, with no idea that I would never come back. God had different plans. No, I will never forget you, college, there will always be room in my heart for you! You are so fresh in my memory. I can still feel the weight of the homework, hear the whisper in the library, the quiet footsteps of sneaking out of the dorm before everyone awakes. The chills from walking up the hill from the parking lot late at night, the sound of the dorm door closing behind me, the smell of the heater in the cold room, the laughter in the hallway, the never sleeping printer in the lounge, the notes on my whiteboard, the 25 cents and unfortunately the taste of pie frosting, which landed on my pillow at 3 in the morning . . . it’s all with me, as if it happened a few days back, but not years. There is something though, which cannot be taken away. Thankfully it’s not the college curfew, it’s the college friends! While so many of them are constantly on my mind, one of them particularly comes to my mind on March 8th and hopefully still will for many more Marches.

I met him in camp just a month before college. He was quiet and besides meeting him I don’t remember talking much to him. Little didn’t I know that he will become one of my most loyal friends for the next three years of college. I still remember how comforting it was to see his face on the first day of college week. I didn’t expect to find anyone familiar on campus, but I did. He was sitting on the grass at North Campus and even though I hardly knew him, I sat next to him and started sharing my experiences from the first day. We ended up spending most of the day together, and most of our college experience as good friends. He was always there in the library to study with, to walk to class with, yet most importantly he was always willing to listen and also learn. My favorite way of remembering him though, is the two seconds of fame my roommate Charlotte always envied him for. “I’m so jealous of those pulpit guys, they get two seconds of fame every single chapel!” was a frequent expression of Charlotte. My friend happened to carry the pulpit up to the stage at almost every single chapel while I was at TMC. Right before a speaker would get up on any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday chapel, the pulpit carriers would run up the stage and set up the pulpit for the speaker (and I literally mean run, those guys were fast). Two seconds of fame of going up the stage every single chapel really does amount to something!

Today is your two seconds of fame on my blog, Alex! I know it’s not as great as being on the stage three times a week, but two seconds for many days to come, will amount to something great. So, why March 8th? Today Alex is celebrating his two year wedding anniversary. I didn’t get a chance to go to his wedding, but I did get to meet his lovely wife at our friend’s wedding the past December. Happy Anniversary Alex and Lena, and thank you Alex for always being there!

I shot this photo of Alex and Lena at the Castaway in LA on December 5th. Maybe next time we can do a full shoot on my visit to Chicago!


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