One day at the beach

“Guess what song I picked out for our trip?” said Dina with excitement as we started our half a day journey to Half Moon Bay. I couldn’t guess, but the familiar words of Jack Johnson’s song brought a smile to my face. Yes, it is always better when we’re together! Late winter in California is really beautiful. Lush green hills around the coast are spectacular scenery. The early white and pink blossoms of the fruit trees are always pleasant. I love the drive to Half Moon Bay. First the drive takes you through the country side, then a bustling city with heavy traffic, then through a winding path down to the coast, which reminds me so much of Yosemite. Finally you drive through some rural parts with a winery, and rows of nurseries, which sell dozen of roses for five dollars, and a small vegetable stand where an old gentleman once helped my friend and me find our way to the beach. We descended to the coast, which grew dark with clouds, and found our way to the beautiful white sand, washed by cold waves of the ocean. There is nothing like the beach at winter. Hardly anyone was around and Dina and I occupied a place as close to the water as possible. A single kite was flying right above us, as we sat on the sand admiring the beauty. Moments like these can’t be captured by a photograph, but can be relived for a few seconds when looking at one. Thank you Lord, for such wonderful days, for the times when we can enjoy one another, the things around us, the simple moments, all because of the joy we have in you.

After walking and running, and laughing, we came to an opening in the mountains with big rocks in front and some broken wooden poles, which looked like a shipwreck, so Dina became its surviving sailor.


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