Part Sri Lankan

She was working at a hotel where he regularly came to the gym. He noticed her first. He asked for her phone number, she said no. He asked to give her a ride home, he asked again, and again, yet she relentlessly refused. One day she let him and Madhu fell in love. They both came to California to study and after months of planning their traditional wedding went back to Sri Lanka for an official ceremony. I met the couple through a mutual friend Rajitha, who recommended me to Madhu and Prassnna and set up a photo shoot for us. The shoot went extremely well and I walked out with one very precious thing that still remains with me, a friend. Madhu had since really wanted to take me with her to Sri Lanka to shoot her traditional wedding, and yes that would have been wonderful, but unfortunately airlines don’t let you take anyone with you in your luggage. This week I randomly thought of Madhu and the same day received an email from her with a wedding picture! It warmed my heart. Part of me will always remain reserved for the tear drop island in the Indian Ocean and its wonderful people.

This is the picture of Madhu and Prassnna’s official wedding in Sri Lanka, followed by some favorites from the morning I met the couple.


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