One night at the Meridian

The night was definitely cold. As we pulled up to the Meridian Club House the lights in the reception hall were dimply lit and with only a few cars parked outside, it did not look like we were late. A few people mingled around the practically empty room. The tables were sat, the room festively decorated and the glow of candles reflected on the small glass crystals. My sister and I joined the small crowd, which anticipated Julian’s arrival. The setting was just perfect. The club house had a feel of a house, especially with the flames playing in the fireplaces, which brought everyone closer. As the night progressed more people filled in the room until finally Julian arrived. He didn’t seem much surprised, but nevertheless, a birthday song was sang and everyone gathered anxiously around the table. My date and I joined our two sisters and their husbands at the VIP room, at least that’s what we chose to call it. We had our own private room with a very large table and humongous center piece, which covered the people sitting across from us and was constantly moved to the edge of the table when more people joined in. The party came more and more alive, especially with the games and presents and some desert. It seemed right to just stay there, and not go home. It was past midnight when we left, but we went home with a warm feeling in our hearts, the one that leaves you silent, yet happy. I wish there were more nights like that.

The night reminded me a lot of the first days of our church, when it was so small that we did practically everything together. I’m thankful that even though it’s bigger, it still is a family, just with a lot more kids. Looking back makes me smile on what a great evening that was. Thank you Irina for all the details, which I loved photographing, and for the fun times!

I love how the last two photos summarize the fun atmosphere of the evening.


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