The Things I Love

Foggy mornings, rainy days, umbrellas . . . there isn’t a season just as fun as winter. This year I learned to love winter again. While I was anxiously waiting for it to be over last year, I simply can’t get enough of it this time around. I love waking up in the morning with the sound of raindrops outside my window, sitting wrapped in my blanket while reading a book, drinking tea to get warm and how warm it is inside the house when I come back from an outdoor walk. I love winter. Yes there is no snow in CA, but there isn’t one reason I can complain. Thank you God for the unique beauty of the winter in Sacramento. It’s different, yet planned out with the same care as anywhere else in the world.
I have been wanting for a while to post the two images below. They don’t have much to do with winter, but they do have orchids, which I learned to love especially last summer, once my sister picked them out for her wedding flowers. While I do love simple things, I can’t say that orchid is a simple flower, it is very complicated, but oh so beautiful! Since I wanted to share these for a long time, here you go! My cousin Sveta made the most beautiful cake for my sister’s wedding. Yes, the most beautiful, there is no other that can compete with it!


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