Once upon a time . . .

. . . there was a couch.

Anna found the couch and claimed it to be hers.

One day when Anna was out on a walk, two more strangers stopped by to see the lonely couch.

Natalie really liked the couch, so Anna let them stay.

It didn’t take long until the couch attracted Marina, she also wanted to move in. She tried to bring her cat, but there wasn’t much room.

The next day Marina’s friends showed up to the couch and also claimed to have a right to stay on the couch. There wasn’t much room left, but the girls insisted.

Everyone loved the couch, it brought many smiles to its residents and bonded the girls.

Laughter and tea parties did not cease at the couch, it was the place to be and all the girls loved it.

Yet there wasn’t much room left on the couch that its residents often had to stand when they were all together.

One day the couch couldn’t handle it anymore and kicked its residents out! Just like this!

Not everyone was happy about this.

The End! You can finish the story in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Once upon a time . . .

  1. yuliya.. you’re amazing
    thank you sooo much again
    you seriously made this happen and for that i just cant thank you enough
    they’re great!

  2. In the end the couch was abandoned,
    but the girls loved all the moments
    and memories captured on the beautiful couch.
    thanks Yuliya, You’re Great!

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