Vova & Anna Ceremony

Capturing a day in someone’s life is truly special and also interesting. It’s almost as if I’m traveling with that person and get to see them from early morning to late night, at their best and sometimes at their not so best, when they’re crying and when they’re laughing, when they’re full of energy and when they just need a hand to get them through the day. Of course, shooting a wedding is very different from traveling in another country, yet just as one picks carefully who to travel with, so should a couple pick carefully their wedding photographer, who will share with them, one of their most special days. This is one of the reasons I am constantly blown away when a couple wants me to capture their wedding, not just to hide at the back of the aisle and get some shots, but to be a part of it, to share the joy of their union, to be there for them and to make them look fabulous on pictures. Thanks Vova and Anna for letting me be a part of your day! The following are pictures of the ceremony, which took place at the beautiful Sunset Whitney.

Loved the simple details!

Love this shot!

. . . the flower girls!

. . . buckets of rose petals!

. . . the location, totally looks like they are in the woods!

. . . my assistant’s shots! My jaw dropped when I saw my assistant in the bushes behind the ceremony location, I did not send him there, but the shots turned out amazing! Thank you Andrei.

. . . the grafting of branches!

. . . the pastor’s explanation about branches grafted into a tree, illustrating how the bride and groom come from different families to make a new one!

. . . the raindrops at the end of the ceremony!

. . . and of course the tree.


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