Someone has already started knitting

One of the frequently visited websites by me (when it comes to books on archaeology), has a slogan to encourage people to make a wish list at their website, which goes like this, “So what are you getting for Christmas this year? Create a wish list at (the website name). Someone has already started knitting.” The slogan is accompanied by a picture of a plain knit sock. I personally like knit socks, they are warm and just perfect for wearing around the house when it’s cold, but if I understood it correctly, the advertisement wants me to make a wish list so that I don’t receive any, and will instead get the things I want, in this case books. If I could insert a website to register at in that slogan, it would be no other but I love getting gifts, but only if it is something I like/want, and something useful. When I heard about wishzilla, I started liking (and now loving) the idea of creating a wish list and not just for myself, but a whole network of family and friends. One of the sweetest things about wishzilla is the design, you will have to agree with me on that one (just look at the snowflakes around my profile photo :)), and also how user friendly it is. Adding gifts is a breeze and kind of fun. There are so many features on the website, which make gift giving a fun experience while keeping it a surprise.

Another brilliant thing about wishzilla is the wish getter. Other websites might have their wish lists, but no one has anything as cool. I can be browsing anywhere on the internet and if I see something I like, I simply click the wish getter button on my bookmarks bar and a window appears and collects information from the page about the desired thing, including a photo. It then appears on my wish list as a new item and I can either make changes to it, like specify something about the gift, list the occasion I want it for (yes, there are other holidays besides Christmas) and choose how private I want the gift to be.

No longer do you need to be tied to a particular store for gift registries, you can request gifts from any store and have fun with it, and it’s free. The web design changes by the season, so you might want to sign up while it still has snow and snowflakes on it, especially if you live in CA. So, what are you getting for Christmas this year? Happy wishing!

One thought on “Someone has already started knitting

  1. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for posting this. This is one of the best articles a read on this subject. I’ll make sure that I check your wish list more often! šŸ™‚

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