Marina & Trevor

It was almost midnight. Not too many girls were up on our wing except for Marina and I. I just got back from a late night practice for upcoming Christmas concert and was about to crash, except Marina and I planned to do something that night we didn’t want to put off for longer. “Don’t get scared,” Marina told me, as she turned my chair so I could face the mirror. “It looks so good!” Marina kept repeating in her most excited voice. There I was, in front of a mirror with the shortest haircut I had since I was ten or younger. I could not believe that Marina just cut off my long hair, when I thought I was getting a trim. I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh, it was really late and I could barely keep my eyes open, but Marina was very wide awake. Only she could get away with it, her excitement and laughter filled the hallway, and soon other girls joined in to see my new haircut. I love Marina and memories like these make me love her even more. She was always the last to go to bed on our wing and the first to wake up, but never did her energy level cease, or her care for people diminished. If there was one word to describe my friend, it would be caring. Marina immensely cares for people and gives herself fully to whoever is in her life. She has filled my college years with some of the most fun moments, from the day she called me at midnight to find out about dress code at Master’s until the last night, when I spent a night on a floor in her dorm room and she kept throwing pillows at me. As I saw Marina walked down the aisle to her new husband, I could not help but smile and feel the charm, which Marina brought with her presence. What a beautiful day that was; cold, but truly beautiful because of the people in it.
The absolutely gorgeous bride!
Finally married!


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